Monday, January 26, 2009

we are interlocking

What do I like about the song I've posted this week? What do I not like about the song this week?

I like this about it:
well, the sidewalk's shady, I fully expect
a piano to fall on my head

And I like that the song is really two songs.

And I like this about the second half of the song:
And 'hello, how are you?'
it's simple, but it's true,
I'm curious

I like that the name of the band is Brazos, which also happens to be the name of my cousins' favorite bookstore in Houston- they used to always take me there when I visited them.

I haven't seen them for a while now, and it makes me think of the line above. I've been admittedly horrible about properly corresponding with people since starting school. It sounds pathetic, but I am often just too drained to talk, to catch up. That's what makes me think of the above line. The second half of this song has a weary affect- the song slows down and seems tired, jet-lagged really. Sometimes I wish life was as simple as songs- like I could just email someone with that line from the song, like that would be enough to mend it all, like that would be enough to elicit the desired response.

What else do I like about this song? How about the vocals? How about the music? The first half of the song drew me in immediately because there's a pleasant, fiesta-like cadence to the music. I don't know what it is about Martin Crane's vocals either. It's not like the voice is refined or pitch perfect. In fact, there's something charmingly off about it. The second half of the song slows down and it seems as though it will be a down-shifting lament, but it builds, crescendoes into a bluesy jam instead.

It's not meant to be some deeply meaningful masterpiece, probably. Yet for some reason, I find it to be. I'm too tired to articulate it at the moment. Maybe even if I had the energy, I wouldn't be able to do it though. I will say this- I've written an entire email about it, and I could write an entire post on the deceptive simplicity of this one lyric:
Sleep when you're tired and sleep when you're done

That pretty much sums it up for me. I forget it all the time, of course. I forget to let myself off the hook for being tired. I forget the difference between being tired and being done. Either way you take a rest, but it's important to know whether you have miles to go still or not. Come to think of it, it's important to remember that you always have miles to go still. Because if you didn't, well, then, you'd be done.

Anyway, enjoy, if you like. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a poundcake that very much wishes to be liberated from my oven.

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