Monday, February 02, 2009

the feeling I get when you walk away

This song I like for how slippery it is. It is also a lovely song, to be sure, which may be a bit surprising when you consider that John Doe is also a bass player for a hardcore punk band. But more than being lovely, it is cleverly tricky, even in its chorus.

Sounds romantic- we are the feeling you get in the Golden State. What does that mean, really? It’s up to you. I was thinking of this because I was thinking that love of people and love of places isn’t really all that different sometimes. That’s probably not the first time I’ve pointed that out in this here navel-gazing repetitive loop.

There are aspects of California for which I’m thoroughly mad. Sweeping vistas, sunshine, and natural abundance. And then there are things about California that are absolutely heartbreaking. So expensive, so transient, so isolating. And both of those feelings can coexist on any given day.

It seems that way with this song too. This song says you are the dream in my nightmare but it also cheerfully points out: you are the pain in my neck. I like to think it’s because this song knows things, things like reality is always some conflicting dichotomy of feelings. They seem contradictory and yet they always, always coexist.

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