Saturday, November 05, 2011

I read again between the lines upon the page

The bro-seph is getting married next week, and I really should be making preparations for that. But frankly, given time off from internship, I've found that instead all I keep doing is tucking myself into a cocoon. It's one of the good and bad thing about my new abode. I love the place, which is great because I am happy when I am at home, but slightly less great because it increases the activation energy required for me to leave the house. I am on the verge of needing an intervention.

It has not helped much that it has been raining, announcing the onset of winter in this neck of the woods, encouraging me to put on warm slippers and drink a glass of red wine. Or that some drama got kicked up in my life just when I was starting to feel even-keeled about things.

Today I've been distracted by other thoughts. Like the very serious question of how it is possible to take two hilarious people, put them in a movie together, and make a wholly un-funny film. I never went to see Due Date when it came out because the trailers did not seem very promising, but it's amazing how humorless it turned out. Galifianakis, who I still enjoy watching when he visits Conan, maybe needs to take a break from all the movies. And I don't even know what to say about RDJ, who if I'm being totally honest with myself hasn't really been charming since Iron Man (not 2). Maybe the movie just revealed the problem with these two actors.

Anyway, you won't believe it, but this actually beats pondering other questions in my life.

Sometimes I wish I was wired a bit differently. I wish I were more casual about things, that I didn't take so much so seriously. I wish my feelings were a bit more transient, a bit more pliable.

But the problem, of course, is that I don't actually wish that. I think what I really wish is that this characteristic occasionally served as a blessing instead of a curse.

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