Thursday, July 04, 2013

come on, let your colors burst

A conversation with a patient (whose diagnosis is perplexing and eluding me right now, but that's of no interest here):
Him: Where are you from?
Me: New Hampshire
Him: What?!? My mother's from Concord.
Me: Oh, it's pretty up there.
Him: Really, New Hampshire?!?
Me: Yeah. I know, no one ever guesses.
Him: You know how I would have guessed? If you asked me what state you were least likely to be from, I'd have said- the state my mother is from.
He didn't go on to ask me where my parents were born or what my ethnicity was, so I guess this counts as progress.

But you know, parts of me are very, very New Hampshire. Very much so. People have trouble believing that because I happen to not look like most of the general population in my home state.

Oh well. Live free or die. Happy 4th and all that.

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