Tuesday, February 13, 2007

dancing to that broken record again

Thing the first: Follow-up from Friday, were I a rock star, here are the songs I'd like to perform with other rock stars:
  1. Suedehead with Morrissey, because there are not that many lyrics to remember (dudes, I would most likely faint or paralyze with fear under the imagined circumstances, but let's pretend I made it past that- I still think I'd be pretty tongue-tied), and because Morrissey was, by far, the idol of my adolescence.

  2. Until the End of the World with Bono. As much as I like to make fun of Bono, I'm pretty sure I'd be unable to roll my eyes in this situation.

  3. The Rain King with The Counting Crows. Because it's unlikely I'd ever forget the lines to a song that was inspired by one of my favorite books.

  4. Deep End with The School of Fish. This is the only one on the list that is technically impossible (well, more impossible than the actual premise), since the lead singer of The School of Fish passed away a number of years ago. However, he had a voice that could melt ice. And back when I used to kid myself that I could play guitar, I had bumbled my way through the chords to this song.

  5. Waitress with Tori Amos. Mostly because I think it would be incredibly hilarious to yell I believe in peace, b*tch! with Tori Amos nearby.

Thing the second: Deep End is also my song of the week, because, y'all, I feel like I am drowning right now. The promotion is causing my work week to be filled with meetings, I had dental surgery (minor, but I have one hell of a fat lip today and can't eat solid food), I finished my taxes but I have financial-related hell to do, and yikes, Calgon, take me away.

Thing the third: Brooklyn Brown tagged my sorry a$$, and I am trying to be a good blogosphere citizen, so here we go.

    Three things that scare me:
    1. Almost any scary movie, and I realize how pathetic that is, but whatever, I don’t watch them as a result.

    2. That I may never do anything of use to anyone.

    3. The periodic feeling that the world has gone so awry that nothing can be done to turn the tide.

    Three people who make me laugh:
    1. Chris Rock

    2. Stephen Colbert

    3. Co-worker GBF

    Three things I love:
    1. San Francisco

    2. Good poetry

    3. A good song

    Three things I hate:
    1. Corporate Servitude

    2. Cats

    3. Fake Plastic Neighborhoods (you know who you are)

    Three things I don’t understand:
    1. Herd mentality about major personal decisions

    2. French

    3. People who do not like sugar

    Three things on my desk (I am at work at the moment, which is good, since my apartment has no desk):
    1. A blackberry

    2. A mug with lukewarm water

    3. Piles and piles and piles and piles of paper

    Three things I’m doing right now:
    1. Writing this post.

    2. Listening to a mix I am making for someone to make sure it flows appropriately

    3. Tapping my foot

    Three things I want to do before I die:
    1. Be of use.

    2. Publish something that is not a dry research paper.

    3. Go to Spain.

    Three things I can do:
    1. Be alone.

    2. Fall in love with abstract, non-human things and feel loved back by them.

    3. Knit ugly sweaters.

    Three things you should listen to:
    1. The voices in your head, because sometimes they have a point.

    2. DeVotchKa, if you have not already.

    3. The ocean

    Three things I’d like to learn:
    1. Spanish, to full fluency.

    2. How to make my own clothes, so that I never have to torture myself with trips to apparel shops.

    3. To be more kind, though it seems to be a losing battle.

    Three favorite foods:
    1. Chocolate, especially when it’s coating Pocky, or Peppermint Patties.

    2. Chicken Mole Quesadilla from Papalote

    3. Idli with just a little tinge of Sambal

    Three beverages I drink regularly:
    1. Freshly brewed iced tea

    2. Water- because moisture is the essence of wetness.

    3. Oh, who are we kidding- GG & T’s.

    Three TV shows/books I watched/read as a child:
    1. Knight Rider- shut up, you did too.

    2. Every Oz book I could get my hands on.

    3. The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, and the rest of the series, though I can’t remember anything from them except there was a talking lion named Aslan who seemed like a good friend to have.

    Three people I would like to tag:
    1. Yasmine

    2. Ashvin (I'll get you to post more regularly, damn it!)

    3. LS

Well, I don't know about y'all, but I am kind of wiped out.

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