Thursday, December 16, 2004

can you keep up?

Every once in a while, the world works in this mysterious way, and you get a blessing where you never expected it. And so much, so very much depends on your perspective in the matter. I could, as I have done for the past week, continue to freak out and feel stressed about everything in my life. I could feel I'm running a race where I'm always a step behind. I could feel like I'm at one of those waves in life, where everything seems to be going at this frenetic rate.

Whenever you apply to any sort of academic program, it seems that there is always a question asking you to explain any hardships you have had in your life. Somehow that question always puts life into perspective for me. I can feel as ill-fated as Wile E. Coyote at times, I can twist around every life experience I have had into a failure of some sort, and I can convince myself I am my own Sisyphus, pushing that rock up that hill in an equally futile manner. But then I think about that word hardship, and I know that I'm just acting like Wendy Whiner or Debbie Downer (TM SNL). I know that, in fact, I have had no real hardships, especially none that I've not been able to overcome.

And then, if you're in just the right frame of mind, and the right thing happens, you suddenly realize how much good luck you have had. That is what happened today. So now, tomorrow doesn't seem so daunting!

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