Saturday, December 25, 2004

melt your cold, cold heart

Turns out I have to eat all the negative words I've been spewing regarding the USPS, because today, on Christmas day, a package was delivered to my cousin, the one that was supposed to get there on Wednesday. My grandfather lives with this particular cousin, and I got to speak to him today, and he got verklempt. People, I rarely see or hear my grandfather choke up. But he started talking about the time and thought that went into those silly little cookies I baked for him, and he actually got flustered. And then I got flustered. And then there was this weird moment... that moment where my Gujarati skills failed me and his English skills failed him, and we sat there in silence, phones to our ears. Strangely, it wasn't sad though- there was something magical about that inability to find words.

I have to go back to packing, because in a few short hours, I am off to the Red State to end all Red States, to visit my cousins.

If anyone is reading this, all the best over the holidays!!

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