Thursday, April 14, 2005

set it in motion, it's the next movement

Thank you India, thank you Turbotax, thank you, thank you silence! Sorry. Actually, I rather hate that song. It's funny how a lyric as slight as Thank you India can cause me to completely sour on a song without giving it any further consideration.

I can't justify posting more right now, because I have got to get my act together on several other fronts. There are things begging to be finished, the clock is ticking. And the taxes, they are finished, so the excuses, they are running out. Why am I writing like I have lost all command of the English language? Maybe it's because I have...

But I do just want to point out this little bit of stunning beauty: a certain, someone who of late has been pummeled by the worst a**holios of the internet takes the time to send me a simple, but extremely meaningful (to me) comment on one of the worst posts I've ever written. Because I've lost my writing faculties at the moment (umm... okay, that's not the only reason), I can't really express how that reduces me. As my friend HB used to say (thumping his fist against his heart), "Right here, man! Right here!" Maybe you had to be there.

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