Monday, April 11, 2005

this must be a strange deception by celestial intervention

See, I was all set to rant about Tom DeLay and the hassle of visitors and blah blah blah, but now I just can't do it. This morning, I took A to a coffee shop before dropping him to the airport. We were tooling around Noe, stopped into a few shops, and then back we went. When I returned from SFO there was a voicemail waiting for me from one Miss RB, saying she was looking for someone by my name and could I please call her? I did call her, and she asked me if I worked at the company where I do work. I said yes, and she pointed out that she found a check floating around Noe Valley with my name on it. For a sizable amount. It was a bit old, because I have direct deposit, so this errant check had been stashed away in my purse for quite a while, waiting for the right opportunity to go to the bank. She was the sweetest woman on earth, and I went to her house and picked up the check. And she has a newborn baby, and I now have to retract all the little crabby remarks I've been making about Stroller Valley and affluent housewives.

To sum up: I continue to suck. And the luck keeps showering upon me in massive downpours. I promise to start reciprocating in some way very soon, though it will not come close to matching- I'm just going to have to learn to stop it with the sour puss and start admitting that I've got quite a streak here for which to be grateful. There was a temporary setback in the reciprocation efforts involving A devouring certain projects that were meant to be sent somewhere else, but temporary is the key word there.

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