Thursday, June 23, 2005

what's it all about, they scream and then they shout

If you need more than my word that Lima is the armpit of Mi Lindo Peru (sorry, but I seem to see dozens of restaurants that go by that name- it seems to be the equivalent of Bombay Palace or some such), consider the first song I heard there: Girl you know it's true. Would you like to know the second? Too bad- Blame it on the rain. Folks, avoid this city at all costs.

I recollected this because my radio happened to be on KMEL today on the way to work. Supposedly, the station is celebrating black music month in June. And yet, what found its way onto the airwaves? I'll give you a clue: if there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it, check out the hook while the DJ revolves it. You know I'm not clever enough to make this up.

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