Tuesday, October 23, 2007

nothing keeps me up at night

Today, a classmate sitting next to me popped up in the middle of lecture as though his cell phone propelled him out of the room, and returned about 20 minutes later, sweating and nearly clammy. He tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that somehow he found himself daydreaming in class, convinced himself that he had to give an important presentation, and bolted to go practice. He got all the way to the place where he was supposed to present before he realized it was all in his head, and that his presentation wasn't until next week.

So, you know, people are a little stressed out around here.

I find I spend a lot of my actual time devising ways to allot my time. I think this is some attempt to be more efficient, but I ought to give it up, because all that happens is that I make big plans and fall short of my own expectations.

There has also been grappling with some lousy instructors. For the most part, I shrug off such instructors because I like what I'm studying such that I can usually overlook that the subject matter may not be taught perfectly. However, when the instruction is so bad that you have to actively turn a deaf ear to the instructor because he reverses your comprehension of material, that's a bit uncool. One of my classmates called him the "Jackson Pollock of Medicine" today because of his indecipherable lecture slides.

Other than that, I baked cookies the other day. I've been in a war with my oven. In addition to being ancient, it refuses to cooperate when it comes to maintaining a proper temperature. But through a few rounds of trial and error, I think I have it down to something reasonable. The cookies were peanut butter and chocolate chip. I figured something out- people tend to think the key to a good cookie is the sugar and butter, but the right amount of salt gets short shrift. I'll post pictures when I find my camera adapter, and then you can decide whether there is any point in posting the recipe.

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