Tuesday, November 06, 2007

get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute?

For the ladies, a question, if you care to comment, or even read. I know some of you do not know me, in the sense that you've never met me personally, but based on what you've gleaned, I need some advice. Have you any theories on why I get on so much better with men than women? Why are all my close friends men? Why do I fail at sustaining friendships with women? Is this some weird form of chauvinism on my part? Do I hold things against women that I don't against men? Or am I just an oddball who has more in common with dudes? What is it?

See, I am too tired to figure it out right now. I just know it's true.

For everyone, new song of the week. In my continuing swing of the pendulum, I'm going from the old school to the new. This song might give you a headache. I'm not sure. I'll be the first to admit that I'm actually too old to be listening to it, if I was behaving. But too bad. I like it.

It's this weird line you walk when you are living a life that does not exactly meet prespecified requirements. Some things about me are still quite childish. I still think of the world as uncertain in a way that many people my age no longer do. Also, I can't imagine just listening to the same five artists for the rest of my life. I certainly hope there will never come a time that I simply state, eh, all that newfangled music makes my ears hurt.

Granted, there are some things about contemporary music that really bothers me. It bothers me that there is really no anti-establishment rock out there anymore. Even your most indie band is getting pimped by VW or some shizz. And sometimes rap can be depressing (a most recent example involved watching my classmates jump around to a song in which the chorus involved supersoaking a ho). Not to mention, radio stations have become such a corporate enterprise that it's depressing to think of how difficult it is to get access to decent new music.

Still, there's this silly band. They put out a pretty, bouncy song about the pointlessness of it all, and of course, about drugs. I came across them and this song puts a little spring in my step, which is most welcome on fall mornings when you'd rather hide under a blanket than walk to school. So, I pass the song on to you, and maybe you throw it away, maybe it makes your head hurt, or maybe you like it. I know it's hokey and all, but the internets, in a way, counteract the radio and the corporate message and all that noise. Surf some music blogs on any given day, and it's like getting mixtapes from strangers. You might like it and realize you have a lot in common. You might not like it, appreciate the effort, and move on. Either way, if you think about it, it's a very old-fashioned treatment of music.

p.s. The writer's strike is upon us, and on top of that, all sorts of people are dropping out of the blogosphere. It makes me sad, because, you know, I may have to actually start studying if no one is going to provide me with any useful distractions. Also, while I'd like to say that I will boycott reality television if the writer's are not properly compensated by the muckety mucks, I am aware of my weaknesses. I can't resist a new season of Project Runway, y'all. Plus, lately, I find I've been watching The Hills with a deep and aching horror, as I realize I may have once dated a Justin-Bobby doppleganger. I know that's awful and all, but it was an important breakthrough. So, thanks, MTV. Now please bring the writers back before my IQ dips to single digits.

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