Thursday, December 25, 2008

2000 miles is very far

All hail free wireless in the airports- why don't all airports have this?!?  In other news, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it.

I've conveniently neglected to mention it, because I am starting to think this is one of my more hare-brained ideas, but by tomorrow, I will be in Argentina.  Unfortunately, it has occurred to me recently that any trip I take while in medical school is going to be like this.  I'm really not equipped to plan things out while I have class, and vacation always presents itself after a grueling set of finals that leave me in such a vegetative state that all I can do is mix together butter and sugar-- booking hotel rooms and planning out itineraries is wholly out of my skill set at that point.

So I have a place to stay the first night and that's about it.  Yesterday, I finally got my act together and at least committed to going to Iguazu falls.  I have no clue how I am going to meet up with my friends who are joining me there.  And yet, here I sit in an airport writing a blogpost.  Even though the movie was annoyingly twee in some parts, I always think of Geoffrey Rush at times like this- his character keeps insisting that things will work out, but when asked how, he simply shrugs and says, "It's a mystery." That's sort of how I feel right now- I'm relying on things just falling into place even if I have no idea exactly how that will happen.

But I mean, really.  It will be warm.  There will be Malbec.  How bad can things possibly go?

Stay tuned- I know it's shameful but my junky non-Mac laptop is accompanying me on my trip.  I blog so rarely these days that it might actually be nice to post about my travels here.

In the meanwhile, and in case all my good intentions do not amount to anything and I wind up radio-silent for the next week and a half, hope everyone has a great holiday and a happy new year.

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