Monday, December 15, 2008

them other boys don't know how to act

I'll have something actually legitimate to say someday, but in the meanwhile, I have a little something to share.

Dear Studio Executives who think it's pointless to market action movies to women,

No, you do not need to cast some androgynous pretty boy and make a tame movie about Mormon romance. Instead, here's the solution:
  • Hugh Jackman, in the only role in which he seems to be able to pull off seeming like a tough guy
  • Taylor fricking Kitsch playing one of the most entertaining superheroes of all time (seriously, I never understood how Gambit's ability to throw cards was a superpower but the dude's Cajun drawl and overall swagger always won me over in the comics)
  • Liev Schrieber

Now I'll grant you that Taylor Kitsch is a borderline member of the straight-men-who-may-wear-lipgloss club, but let me tell you, studio executives, I don't need some stupid romantic comedy, or worse yet, some vampire nonsense, if instead, you could just fast-track this:


Yes, I know it's shallow, but I'm only human.

XX's for Mindless Action Movies Done Right

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