Friday, January 18, 2013

and in the instant we are

Plenty of more interesting topics to write about, I'm sure, and this is not exactly setting a good precedent for the new year. However, it is a good demonstration of that old adage- the more things change, the more they stay the same. Here's a recent text message exchange:

NG: Superbowl party at my place, be there.
NG: It's not optional.
NG: Don't ignore me woman!
me: Okay- as long as the Pats don't make it, I'll be there.
NG: What if they do?
me: Then for the sake of the free world, I'll be watching at home alone. Anyway, if I come, what should I bring?
NG: I don't know, I kind of like the idea of seeing you angry.
NG: Bring something sweet.
me: Yeah, except it's anger that turns into a tearful meltdown, which I don't care to share publicly.
NG: Oh yeah. No crying.
me: Yeah. I'll drop something off at any rate, if by some chance the Brady Bunch make it.
NG: Haha, fair enough.

In other news, I'm on vacation right now. I had toyed with going places, but in the end, I realized what I really wanted to spend my time off doing. I wanted to rest and get healthy. So the past week, I've been going to the gym and hanging out with good friends and just feeling a lot less rundown. There will be time for adventures in the future. Or so I hope.

Also, I'm not going to go on a rant about HBO's Girls, but I am going to share Santigold's Girls video. I think it actually points out the disconnect between what the show seems to purport being about (new! now! this generation! new york!) and what it's actually about (privilege! aimlessness! first world problems!). It's like Santigold wrote the song before she'd actually seen an episode. Either that, or she saw the show, and decided to write/create a video in response to it. Whatever the roots, it's classically infectious like Santigold can be. 2013 might not be so bad.

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Maitri said...

Figured it would be the 49ers on the NFC side. But, the Not Browns for the AFC? What happened, 4th-quarter Brady? Now we have to deal with SuperBaugh and the Ray Lewis love-in.

Love this post for "except it's anger that turns into a tearful meltdown" and "privilege! aimlessness! first world problems!" which are me during football and D's and my reaction to Girls, respectively.