Monday, December 31, 2012

Yet again we're the only ones

Well, let's get it in before the end of the year, because here it is. The year came to a close quickly, before I could really wrap my head around it. And this is maybe the funniest year of them all, with the joke being on me, since I have to go to bed prior to the transition of 2012 to 2013. Such is the reality of my two week stint in the ICU.

About that I'm not sorry though. The holidays put on too much pressure, demand too much conformity, and I have no use for such things nowadays. Besides which, the ICU teaches you all about perspective. Family meetings every day, bad news broken on a steady schedule. Updates that end with hope or heartbreak. And of course, patients falling apart right in front of your face.

Some people have bad luck. Some people keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Some people are the few fortunate ones. Then there are those of us who get to watch it all unfold, who see that entire spectrum, and there is a certain privilege in that.

But the amazing thing I've learned is that perspective only comes to you if you are receptive to it. Even the anvils that the ICU deliver upon your head can go unheeded by those too caught up in their own nonsense to pay attention to it.

This year was so very necessary. That's the only way I can really describe it. I'm starting to understand how much the low points in life are intertwined with the higher ones. Despite my Eeyore-like exterior, my handle is brimful and the song which is the inspiration of my namesake is a pun about hope. This is the secret I keep for you and for myself. This is me, equal parts realist and dreamer, equal parts resigned and reaching. I have the capacity to be kind or to be cruel, and I try, try, try to do the right thing, to make the right choices. But I understand why sometimes others would see it differently. This is me, equal parts deeply flawed and perfect. None of that would be so, if it weren't for this past year.

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Maitri said...

Amen, sister.