Monday, August 01, 2005

how do you afford your rock'n'roll lifestyle?

I think it's time for me to finally introduce you to the buena, buena

The first time I met Anna, I approached her from a certain, specific angle. I was in observational mode, mentally taking notes, watching her interact with others, listening overanalytically to every word she said. That probably sounds judgmental, though that's exactly contrary to my intention. A list of things I liked about Anna was forming; I had specific actions to chronicle, demonstrating how "sparkly" (as Saheli put it rather aptly) Anna is in person. Of course, this time (mind you, the second time) I saw her, all those thoughts were out the door, never to return. If they asked me, I could write a book, but sufficed to say, Anna's mah girl. By the way, that expression mah girl was also lifted from my silly cousin S who used it in reference to Alice Walker, until she received a B on a paper analyzing her work. Now, she and Walker are apparently on the outs. The teeniac's a nutcase, but then again, it's all in the family.

Here, Anna is coveting Om Malik's cell phone/camera/mp3 player/nuclear power generator thingamajig. Yes, that Om Malik. Dude, that guy's stories had me in stitches. I would advise you not to slight him, because he will be avenged. Also, a quote on Anna: you're drawn to shiny objects. I thought that was a specifically male thing. See, only Om could get away with that.

Anna is so very Anna that by the time ads and oodles showed up, they did not believe that I really do tend towards the shy and introverted side. As Anna already noted, ads is so kung fu that she took BART from Berkeley, walked from the Powell station to North Beach, and still made it on time for the Sepia Mutiny meetup. She was also too modest about her blogs, and I regretted later not getting to speak more to her. Especially because she could have blinded me with science, and I always enjoy that. Oodles was similarly modest- she kept trying to avoid the question "what's your handle?" Now that I think of it, that sounds kind of like a pick-up line for bloggers. Let's hope it doesn't catch on. I think oodles lives in fear now that I will show up at her doorstep. I'll try to resist, but the next time I make cheesecake (which is actually fairly soon), she might be getting a special delivery.

Saheli also came from the East Bay. She is a fireball, and she will hit you with some knowledge. Actually, scratch the some part. My friend R characterizes a mutual acquaintance as the ultimate conversationalist because she has an arsenal of information to unleash on every subject. Saheli may well fall into that category.

Lest you think Om was alone in sharing the company of all these ladies, let me assure you that there was good attendance from other XY's. Vinod made an appearance even though he later had to catch a flight to the east coast. That's pretty rockstar. He does not believe I read his posts or his blog, but that's just because I am a math/techtard, and therefore never comment on his posts. It's not because he tends towards the right. Some of my closest friends over the years are Republicans. Though I am a self-proclaimed bleeding heart liberal, I can accept other points of views. Maybe it signifies that I do not hold my beliefs strongly enough, but I prefer to think of it as staying open to opposing viewpoints.

Vinod's friend G dropped in, as did SM commenter Anand and his friend, the other Vinod. So, all in all, it was nearly an even showing of women and men. Yes, that's how we roll, West Side, Sepia-style. It was pretty impressive, in my opinion.

Okay, I feel like I just wrote a Beth Lisick social-sighting column. As I described it to Om when he asked: "my blog is about nothing, seriously." More pictures and gushing about Grecco, Anna, etc tomorrow. I have to run off to meet a friend in Shallow Alto tonight. And tomorrow, if things go well, I am going to give maisnon a healthy dose of grief for missing out on all the fun. It's out-of-towner mania, I tell you.

I just realized- I have met TEN bloggers this year. My mind just exploded.

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