Thursday, October 05, 2006

don't it always seem to go

I already warned SJM that I have a bad case of blogger's block due to a sudden IQ hemorrhage, but I guess I should fire out a warning shot to you as well. Maybe I am coming down with the cold that is circulating around my office, but I am not sure you can blame stupidity on viruses. Either way, there are some things that I really cannot figure out today:
  • why a major airline can only offer me a flight to Chicago from San Francisco that stops in, wait for it- Houston.
  • why a coworker cancelled a meeting, citing her busy schedule, and then proceeded to call and talk to me for the thirty minutes when we were supposed to have met.
  • why I have gotten myself into situations where I am keeping all kinds of secrets from all kinds of people, some of which are as stupid as keeping a blog and being in town on my birthday.

Another beautiful example of my stupidity came through in my chat with SJM. He put his motorcycle up for sale, and got a lot of offers. This, of course, caused him to second guess putting the bike up on the auction block. He called it indecisive. I called it human nature. Joni Mitchell never lies, yo. It seems like it's unavoidable to start taking what is good for granted.

And then I realized, afterwards, that the whole chat was ridiculously meta. Here I am, telling SJM this, but it's nearly redundant. You see, SJM has been in my fair city for about a year now. But The Goal was in full effect the whole time he was here, and I was basically on a missing persons list. Now, just as I am finally getting a chance to come up for air, he is heading back to his preferred town. And I keep b*tching about it.

And if you want to know whether it's valid to regret not spending more time with SJM, consider this. I keep ragging him out about leaving so soon, and being out of town while all of his departure celebrations are taking place. And not once, in all of this self-absorbed jacka$$-ery has SJM snapped, "B*tch, please, you hardly ever were around to hang with while I was here. Now, all of a sudden, I'm leaving, and you're complaining?" Not once. That is a good-hearted fellow.

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