Wednesday, May 16, 2007

it´s a hard knock life for us

Because the internet station where I´m typing devoured my post halfway through my inane ramblings, let me instead tell you this.

Here are my accomplishments for the day in Sevilla:

  • Finding the lavanderia, where they will wash, dry and fold my clothes for €6. Yay for packing light!
  • Finding the pastry shop recommended to me by my cousin´s friend (which was a bit of a letdown because it was like someone telling you "Oh my god, I know a great coffee shop you should visit when you´re in California, it´s called Peet´s. Don´t tell anyone, though, it´s totally a secret.")
  • Figuring out how to order Andalucian gazpacho (also known as salmorejo) and white wine for lunch.
  • Inventing a brilliant new game called "follow the path with the most shade." You laugh, but I could make a killing in Sevilla, as it becomes a citywide pasttime this time of year for those of us not interested in the langosta look.

Phew! I think this calls for a siesta!

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