Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am stop and go in your eyes

Y'all, weird things are afoot. Lest you think I've gotten all serious and shizz, here's a whole bunch of nothing that's been on my mind.

As far as weird things go, I suppose the weirdest is that today RR pulled out the fine print on the whole will you be my kid's godmother gig. He's been conveniently feeding me information about this whole godmother business piecemeal, which, let's face it, just shows that the man is smart and knows how I run away from responsibility. So first he started working with me to schedule the baptism. That wigged me out a bit, but I kind of had a feeling that particular task was involved, so I dealt. Today, however, he pointed out that I'm going to have to answer, if asked, that I am a faithful Catholic. Technically, I should be okay with this- because I'm not particularly religious, I should not be too concerned with hell-fire unleashing upon me for lying in a house of the big man up above. However, there's something that really does not sit well with me about having to fib. Plus, I am an awful liar, and what if I have an outburst in the middle of the baptism and confess that I'm actually not a believer?

And since we're on the topic of fire and brimstone, I have been catching glimpses of the new fall line-up. Chuck, not so much. It could have potential, but it's not brilliant the way a really good pilot (cough, Friday Night motherf***ing Lights, cough) can be. On the other hand, Reaper has a lot more promise. I like the whole set-up, but most importantly, someone in casting had a moment of sheer genius when they decided to make Ray Wise the devil:

As soon as you see him, you think 'Of course! It's like this guy has been waiting to play the devil his entire career!' It's still a bit clunky and we'll see if the writing gets progressively wittier, but I am willing to give it a chance.

If there is a hell, I'll undoubtedly be sent there for pointing this out, but you can actually watch the entire season premiere of Friday Night Lights here. I'm a bit nervous, having seen it. There's still a lot of trademark FNL (I mean, Kyle Chandler's hair is ultra-expressive throughout), but there's something that feels suspiciously like network-tinkering. Of course, even with that concern, it's still better than anything I have seen on television in the past month.

My classmates are divided up between House, Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy enthusiasts. This makes me dislike my classmates. I don't hate all of these shows. I mean, I kind of do, but I can stand some of them. Okay, I really hate Grey's Anatomy. But what really kills me is this- if you have a few spare hours to kill in a week, why would you choose to watch a dramatization of what you're trying to do for a career? I mean, I guess I get it, but it strikes me as seeming awfully self-absorbed (hilarious from someone who keeps a blog, I know). Don't think I am singling out med students either- if you're a law student watching Boston Legal or some other sh*t, I don't get that either. But then again, I ought to be more tolerant- everyone has a different reason for watching the idiot box. For me, it's purely escapist, so I really do not want to see anything related to what I will be studying for the rest of the evening. Well, unless it's Jason Street's spinal cord injury.

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