Wednesday, December 19, 2007

out by the fire breathing

Wow, I hope this finals-induced mania sticks around because all day long I have been running around with some weird unlimited energy supply. Maybe it's just the euphoria of being finished, maybe it's the dread of my parents visiting soon 9(!), or maybe it's that I finally hit my tolerance for life-in-shambles levels. Whatever it is, I want to bottle it up and keep it on hand for future lulls, because I was uncharacteristically productive today.

I have a feeling, though, that some of it also has to do with keeping one step ahead of a wave, and that wave would be one of contemplation and reflection. It's really odd to have moved so fast through the past four months to not even have time to think over what it all means. I know I'll slow down once those thoughts really have time to process in my head. This space is included in all that contemplation. Ever since school started, this blog has pretty much gone to crap, and I'm going to spend some time in the next two weeks thinking through what the future of all this babbling should and can be.

Since everything was on hold until yesterday evening, today I went into a panic about what I ought to do regarding the impending holidays. Here is what I propose to my friends- some of them will have to forgive me about the tardiness of certain packages arriving at their places of residence, while others will have to forgive me for the lump of coal that I am not even bothering to send them. I'd like to plead poverty, but actually the cost of med school in dollars is nothing compared to its cost in hours. I started up my first batch of holiday baking today, while I usually get this type of thing going in late November or at the latest right after Thanksgiving. Still, now my refrigerator has all sorts of things that scream to be baked, so someone is going to have to receive all of this. Who, I have yet to determine.

I suppose I ought not to whine so much though. Even during finals, I still managed to get some recreational activity in. Every night, when I got home from grueling session #392 of Cramathon 2007, I sit down and knit for at least 20 minutes. It was just a way to calm down really, but at least something resulted from it. The wife of one of my classmates had a baby last week, so I made some socks for the baby. Also, it's been cold here. It's odd how a distance of just 100 miles can result in such a big climate difference, but I should have known this after living in the Bay Area for so long. The cold convinces me that things. have. to. be. knit. immediately. I made myself a pair of socks, but that wasn't enough. I have these fleece gloves that are so old that they have holes in them, but I am too lazy to buy new ones. No, instead, my idiotic logic results in me attempting to knit a pair of gloves to wear underneath. I promise to post the final result no matter how horrible, because I am not afraid to make a fool of myself.

Also, after losing my k on my keyboard, apropos of nothing, my shift key decided to hang it all up yesterday. I can't believe the land of Apple would let me down like this- after all my years of cursing about PC's, I am beginning to think it was a 'grass is always greener' situation. Damn you, Justin Long!

In the event that you should want to see bad photography up close and personal.

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