Monday, December 31, 2007

welcoming in the New Year, New Year's Eve

So now onto another rambling list for the year. Be thankful. I could have spent this post whining about some things. But I took a deep breath and determined that I ought not to end the year on negativity. It wasn't for everybody, not even everybody in my life, but this year was an extraordinary one for me. Once you get what you want, it's easy to forget how badly you wanted it. I remember, now, upon pushing myself to remember, how truly grateful I was last year, to know that this year was coming. And then this year exceeded my expectations and then some. I made some very bad calls along the way, but in the final balance sheet, I am on the far end of the positive over the negative.

So instead, just put up with another year end wrap up of random observations. And feel free to critique as you see fit, assuming you bother to read on.

    Most Tiresome Theme of the Year
    If I have to hear one more person complain about the abundance of good fortune that has befallen New England teams this past year, my eyes might get stuck, rolled into the back of my head. Yes, it has been a ridiculous year for New Englanders (and man, if that last Giants game was any indication, they like to keep us engaged too). But you live through Bill Buckner, Len Bias and Steve Grogan, and then we can talk about how easy we have it these days.

    Best Photography in the corner of the blogosphere I peruse
    Undoubtedly, Yasmine's. She succeeds in making me believe the world is a vibrant, technicolor, beautiful place.

    Worst Blog Trend of the Year
    Shutting down blogs, taking blogs private, updating blogs once every two to three months. The blogosphere as I know it may be extinct by next year. Here's the rare emoticon from me to express my feelings about this: :(

    Biggest Time-sucking trend I fell victim to this year
    Facebook. And I don't even have Scrabulous installed or have very many friends.

    Best Television Comedy
    30 Rock- damn you, Tina Fey! You're making me feel affection towards Tracy Morgan, and that's just wrong. Which reminds me...

    Best Faux-Song of the Year
    Werewolf Barmitzvah- 'men becoming boys, boys becoming wolves.' Seriously, it almost makes you not feel that huge void in the world where Arrested Development used to exist.

    Biggest Fall from Grace
    I am sad to report it, but Friday Night Lights takes this one. Murder plots, weird pairings (Julie + creepy teacher, Julie + the Swede, Matt + Smiley, Matt + Carlotta), too much fighting of the not-cute variety (yes, showing mother-daughter fighting that is realistic should be praised, except that when it's so real that it makes you want to shut your eyes and go to your room to block it out, you've pushed it too far)- all sum up to a terrible nose dive of a show that was already in trouble at the end of last season. Thanks to Coach's hair, Tim Riggins, and the superb storyline for Buddy this year, though, I'm still tuned in.

    Most impressive comeback
    Though I am loathe to admit it, since I know, I just know JJ Abrams will make me live to regret saying it, but holy sh*t, Lost got their act together at the end of last season.

    Best wee wonder film of the year
    Hands down, Once. Anyone who likes music and has a beating heart must be floored by this movie. Fact.

    Best movie (allegedly) that I have not yet seen
    There Will Be Blood- Daniel Day Lewis! The return of Paul Thomas Anderson! That little dude from Little Miss Sunshine! Manterpillars (TM Manish)! If I wasn't still recovering from the toll that No Country for Old Men took on me, I would have seen it already. Thanks for putting out a zillion dark movies right in time for post-finals decompression, Hollywood- are you trying to kill students?

    Best television show (allegedly) that I have not yet seen
    The Wire. I hang my head in shame, and proclaim that I no longer have HBO (except that I didn't watch it when I had HBO, so I've really no excuse).

    Most Unpopular Opinion I've Had this Year
    I didn't think Knocked up was funny or even a good movie.

    Best Actor who needs to stop starring in such crap films
    CLIVE OWEN. I love you, man, but come on! Shoot 'Em Up? You're killing me, man.

    Most Unexpected turn of the screw
    Think about this. Next year, there's a very good chance that we'll be deciding to elect a Mormon, a divorcee, a woman, or an African-American into the office of the President of The United States. I don't know anyone that predicted that a year ago.

And... that's all folks! Happy New Year! Time for me to consider whether or not I feel up for a party tonight. After having my parents sharing the same residence as me for a week, I'm sort of steeping in all the solitude with great pleasure just now.

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