Sunday, February 10, 2008

and there's no explaining

Well, there's been quite a bit of gloominess going on to start this year, and, while I can't say it has been vanquished in its entirety, I can embarrass the living daylights out of myself by admitting what I have been using to stave off any negativity lately.

And so we come to this week's song. I have no excuse for it. It's totally ridiculous, and is supposed to be totally ridiculous as it was recorded for that exact purpose. At least, I think so-- I've never actually seen the movie that made it necessary to craft this tune. I have no problem imagining Hugh Grant as a washed-up musician, but I do have trouble imagining Drew Barrymore as the brilliant lyricist who recharges his career- or whatever the plot is.

Thing is, I have to say that after watching the video (which, actually, I think was first pointed out to me by ads) and then listening to this song every time I need a boost, I am starting to wonder if maybe I should check out the movie some time. This song is supposed to be a spoof of 80s pop, but it's so faithful to its material that it's the equivalent of listening to Depeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough, Dead or Alive's Brand New Lover, or Wham!'s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. There's such a familiar feeling of nostalgia and silliness that it's sort of mind bending to think that this song was actually recorded in the last few years.

Also, there's something even more amusing in thinking of Hugh Grant having recorded this song. Do you remember that scene in Love Actually when Grant has to dance around by himself to the Pointer Sisters? That sh*t was ten times funnier because I could not help thinking that Grant was completely aware of what a fool he was making of himself. For some reason, Grant comes off as one of those actors that is well aware of what a stupid business he is in. It's probably why he's not a wildly talented actor, but it does make him extremely entertaining.

If you don't believe me, check the video out-- due credit should also go to one Jason Street, for actually managing to hold his own around Grant.

I've found myself listening to this song when I'm studying and just want something mindlessly upbeat in my head. I think that might be the whole trick with willing yourself out of a funk- just mindless, irrational positivity. There will be time enough later to reason it out and explain why you ought to have snapped out of it a long while back. But until then, the brute force approach of this kind of absurdity will certainly do.

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