Monday, February 25, 2008

bouncing over a white cloud

Yesterday, while I was watching the Oscars, during a commercial, when I was supposed to be frantically studying for an exam I had today, I heard this song and thought no fracking way.

I first heard this song over 10 years ago. The words and music date back further than that, but this particular version of the song is relatively new. The first version I heard was Shawn Colvin's, and I remain partial to it. Her version is stark and spare, little more than her guitar and clear voice. Having it solo makes it a bit impossible not to listen to every word of the song. This particular version of the song is more languid, less about the lyrics than about the inherent prettiness of the entire thing.

Still, it's neat to hear Alison Krauss and Robert Plant meld their voices together to become this song. Rather unexpected really. After all these years, it's still hard for me to think of Robert Plant (you know, the guy who sang Whole Lotta Love & Rock & Roll) as understated. I don't want to spoil it any further, so just have a listen if you wish.

The Oscars themselves were meh. There were no disturbing injustices, except that I really think it's ridiculous that Diablo Cody won for best screenplay for Juno. The movie had its moments, but that was mostly from some winning performances from Ellen Page and (I can't even believe it myself) Jennifer Garner, not because of the writing which was completely over-the-top and not at all anywhere close to believable. Also, someone will still have to explain to me what that movie was trying to say. Saying it is about hope and optimism is about the same as all the candidates for President telling me they are for change.

And for the record, the funniest thing about the Oscars this year was, shockingly, not part of the Oscars telecast, but rather from SNL the night before. By the time Daniel Day Lewis' nomination reel was played, I could not watch it without thinking of SNL and giggling. Wow, that's the first time I've talked about SNL and laughing in the same breath in quite a while.

Speaking of which, is it wrong that I find these two Jimmy Kimmel and the Boston boys videos kind of hilarious? I can't really believe I find all of these people funny, since separately, they usually annoy me for some reason. And yet, I'm like a 12-year old around these videos. Sorry if I give offense. I have no real excuse. On the up side, I think this means we can put those Crapfleck-for-Congress rumors to rest.

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