Wednesday, February 13, 2008

would you rewind it all the time?*

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in...

My posts have decreased in frequency and quality (which moves their quality from -5 to -20), but there are some reasons to keep poking my nose into the internet. For example, today, I was perusing Ultrabrown and Manish posted a blurb on Goldspot. Even though I often also lurk about on a bunch of trendster music blogs, I never bothered to check this band out (oh, they are much beloved on the blogosphere, I assure you) until today.

The lead singer's voice is so unabashedly melodic that it's quite irresistible. There's nothing more to say about the band, except that you ought to have a listen. I owe this band a lot today, because it helped me to stop listening to that cheesy-pop song I posted earlier this week. I've been listening to Goldspot while studying this evening, and while it is just as energetic, it is not at all embarrassing.

That is all for now. My brain is actually behind my actions today, so while my fingers anxiously attacked this post, my mind hasn't figured out why I was so eager to write anything. More when I am more synchronized.

*The answer, in my case, is indeed.

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