Thursday, July 10, 2008

caught up in the action

Remember how I was complaining of the heat previously? I'm not even going to bother complaining about it anymore, because it has actually grown hotter and more intolerable over the past few weeks. Previously, I had to wait until early morning or late night to turn my oven on- now I might as well have the gas shut down in my apartment, because it's been stiflingly hot all the way until the late, late night.

I've taken to hiding in air-conditioned places, studying or playing at studying (never underestimate the power of medical students when it comes to procrastination). But I got tired of walking home late at night, the unwelcome blanket of heat and smoke still enveloping me. Instead, tonight, I went home early and read.

Well, at least, I intended to read. I did read, in fact. It was actually a really productive day. But, and maybe it's just because I've been reading about abnormal neurological findings, I think the heat may have caused a lesion of some kind in my brain. Because that is the only explanation I have for reading about nerve conduction studies while watching... Tashan. Yep.

You guys, the last time I watched a Bollywood movie was at some party that Indian uncle forced me to attend, at which I mercilessly mocked the silliness of the movie in question, while also being offended when non-desi's made the same jokes (more brain lesions to blame for that logic, I'm sure). The last time I actively sought one out on my own was... um, never.

It must be the heat, too, because I found an even stranger thing happening- I thought Tashan was funny. And not funny in that oh that goofy Bollywood way. Granted, it's still a typically stupid action movie, but really only slightly more stupid than your standard Hollywood action movies (and maybe less stupid than the 4th Indiana Jones fiasco). The movie wasn't even subtitled, and my Hindi is horrible, but that fit right in with this fill-um.

Of course, you should take this all with a nano-sized grain of salt, considering the next movie I am dying to see in the theaters is not, in fact, the Batman sequel- it's Tropic Thunder. And this cracks me up. So let's just say it's a good thing I'm studying neurology at the moment.

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