Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'll start this off without any words

Yeah, right... that would truly defeat the purpose of all of this!

Okay, I deleted a bunch of things and I'm changing the slant of blogging for me significantly.

Previously, blogging was simply an online diary, a place to vent frustrations. With all of our technological advances, you would think that blogging would be voyeuristic, and I'm sure it can be. But I guess my point is that you have to take the first step. If you keep an anonymous little journal, which is something like what I have been doing previously, then you'll pretty much be left alone. That's not to say I won't be left to my own devices here either. It's just that here... well, I'm putting it all out there here. And clearly, not writing all that well in the process!

If nonsense is your poison, blogging about frustration can still be found here, but I doubt it will make all that much sense to anyone but me. Call that the rants and raving section, perhaps.

Funniest conversation I had today: over IM, with a friend of mine who's living in Germany. Both of us are former Boston area natives. One sign of a true Bostonian is the preponderance of sentences that contain the phrase "this is their year"... as in the Boston Red Sox. I've long since kicked that habit. The IM got out of hand when I compared the Red Sox to an abusive boyfriend. They screw you over and you just keep coming back for more. You think this time it will be different. They string you along, you invest your heart into their success, and then, at the last minute, they freak out and revert to their old ways. His response? Yeah, but you might have to give them a second chance... they've lost a lot of weight and have been working out... they look hot. It always strikes me that it must be incredibly annoying to live in the Boston area if you're not a fan of baseball... or the Red Sox for that matter.

This morning, when I was driving to work, still on east coast time (which works out well when you're swamped, as it turns out), it was that hour when the sky gets to that color of blue between midnight and sky. And as I drove down 23rd, I saw the faintest sliver of the moon, the slightest crescent I've ever seen. A plane flew up in the sky across the sky at that moment. It was inexplicably beautiful. I see something like that, and feel frustrated at the inability to capture such a moment, with words, on film, in any way. But then I calm to the thought that it's etched in my memory. Even this hour, this early morning hour brings with it a familiarity that is associated entirely to my memory. Anyway, the whole moment brought to mind:

And the moon was so beautiful
that the ocean held up a mirror

p.s. the weirdo tag lines on haloscan are not my doing!

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