Wednesday, March 09, 2005

get away from your home

Last night, I ran into my professor before Spanish class. He started up a conversation in Spanish with me before we got into the building. He must have felt like he was talking to a five-year old. Let's say there were a lot of awkward pauses and really silly hand gestures. On the other hand, in class, a woman who was clearly getting bored with class tried to strike up a conversation in Spanish with me during our break. That was less nerve-wracking, because we both spoke like five-year olds.

I must be in denial, because I have never been so unprepared for a trip in my life as I am for this jaunt to the east coast (and yes, I'm still griping about the weather for any of you keeping track). I have approximately two hours to pack. And I still haven't kicked into panic mode, which is when I actually get anything done.

My current plans on the east coast look a little like a game of Pong, if you are old enough to get that reference. Hell, I hardly remember that game. Anyway, I'm feeling like I have not planned this trip very well. I think this is the detriment of having a job that involves so much structure; I just have no energy for planning in other realms. Over the next five days, I'll be in NJ, the Upper West Side, the Bronx, and who knows where else.

However, here's to hoping I meet a few more bloggers in NYC on Saturday- should the planets align, that would be reason for glee indeed.

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