Thursday, November 17, 2005

if I get home before daylight

Good things about Lost last night:

Bad things about Lost last night:
  • Pretty much everything else.

Completely random thought that popped into my head today- is there any song that Adam Duritz can't soak in melancholy? Even when he's singing about happy things, he sounds like he is about to burst into whine. The man completely took out any and all whimsy of Friend of the Devil in his cover. Like I said, completely random.

I think I have post-final associated listlessness right now. Luckily, I have to snap out of it in a hurry. The bro-seph's birthday is tomorrow, and quite a landmark one at that. I need to decide whether to buy a birthday cake, or make these chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting that I have baked for him on previous occasions. My brother is something of a peanut butter fiend. When we were children, he was absurd about it. First, it was peanut butter on apples. Then, it was peanut butter and fluff sandwiches (incidentally, the broseph and I are convinced this is some kind of Northeast-centric food combination- please confirm whether we are mistaken). Finally, he gave up on the trimmings, and took to slapping a mound of peanut butter in one of the bowls my mom would use for serving dal at dinner. Hey, I never said he was normal.

I'm also experiencing some sort of nature withdrawal issue, so I really want to go for a hike this weekend. One of my professors always asks these questions that start, "Anyone an avid hiker around here?" I never raise my hand, because calling myself avid about anything besides consuming chocolate and listening to random music seems like a massive stretch of the truth. But, then, he always follows up that question with an exaggerated one, like: "Anyone ever been outside of the city limits? Seen more than a dozen trees?"

I would shoot him a dirty look, except that would mean the end of my imagined love affair. I would yell back, "I haven't been outdoors because I've been studying for your exams, you evil bastard!" But that too would put an end to my infatuation. And I need that infatuation; my delusions keep me warm at times.

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