Tuesday, May 23, 2006

lately it seems like everybody's joined at the hip

The Good
  • Seeing B take a stroll down the aisle this weekend.
  • Seeing old friends in NJ.
  • Watching the Alias season finale with oodles- who tolerated me yelling "He got shot in the a$$ 47 times and survived, but Spydaddy takes two bullets, and he's dead?!?" I think oodles thinks I have an unnatural attachment to television. I'll let you in on a poorly kept secret- she's right.
  • Finding an Alejandro Escovedo tribute CD on my office desk this morning. This is the pleasant surprise that comes with keeping an office in a hovel state.

The Bad
  • All activity towards The Goal keeps stalling out due to my neuroses, a lack of focus, and the realization that I seriously cannot write to save my life. More angst-ridden thoughts on this later.
  • News of me visiting NJ for B's wedding leaked, leading to a weekend filled with suburban madness.
  • Red-eye flights.
  • Rental car prices.

The Ugly
  • As predicted, I never got around to buying a dress for B's wedding. So, I am wearing an old one that has major frump factor. B, if there are any cute, single men at your wedding, I am going to be hitting the Grey Goose harder than usual.

In other news, I think I'm coming down with the black lung (TM Zoolander). Looks like I'll have to miss work tomorrow, but I wouldn't say I'll be missing it (TM Office Space). And yes, I do live my life by movie quotes.

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