Tuesday, May 16, 2006

tucked in the woods and out of sight

I continue to exhibit jerk behavior. In addition to having less than no time of late, I figured talking about how much of a jerk I am is probably not the most scintillating topic, thus the lack of posting.

But I am wondering lately, what is up with all the blog malaise? This may just be my perception, but it seems like a lot of people have gone blog-silent of late. I mean, certainly, I am sick of my blog, but then, when have I not been sick of my blog? I have not been babbling over here for all that long, though. So, I have started to wonder if this blog business is cyclical. Do jerks like me, at some point in their life, spontaneously decide they want to start a blog? And then, like a commitment-phobe, do they just one day decide it is no longer worth the hassle? Or do people start blogging when they have some discretionary time on their hands? Then, perhaps, they reach a different phase of their life, and they simply lose the capability to write regularly? And is that cyclical too? Can people only be free for so long?

Or do we just get sick of ourselves?

I think I am just cranky right now, because I would really like to write about the cool mummy discovered in Peru, or my own brush with a mummy in Peru, for that matter. I would really like to write about what great strides Brazil has made in addressing the HIV pandemic, or what mayhem currently exists in Brazil thanks to a surreal crime wave. All of those things seem really interesting.

Unfortunately, I cannot write about anything interesting right now. The only thing that ends up moving my fingers is the music I am listening to right now. I am always late to the party. I find out about good music early enough to seem in the know, but I am always a step behind. For some reason, I had listened to Feist about ten times, but was never that enthralled by them. I felt like I should like them, but somehow could not bring myself to.

Yesterday, I had an exam. I had been cramming for it for three days with varying success (big ups to oodles for keeping my a$$ in gear!). An hour before the exam, I was trying to calm myself down. If I do not feel centered before an exam, it can truly be the difference between an A and an F-. I stopped in a convenience store to get a bottle of water. A song was playing on the stereo. A gentle wave of warm air swept in and out of the store. And for just that moment, I felt completely still.

The song was naggingly familiar, though. I knew then that I was not going to be satisfied for the next hour unless I heard that song again. See, this is another really uncool aspect of my musical inclinations- sometimes, I just need to hear a song. A hundred times. Really. It caused big problems when the broseph and I lived under the same roof. I am that uncool jerk that will go out and buy a CD just because I cannot get a song out of my head, and need to hear it again.

Fortunately for me, I scrolled through my iPod and found the song. It's been a little over 24 hours now, and I think I have listened to Mushaboom approximately 7,984 times. Okay, according to iTunes, it's only been 26 times, but that's still a little sick.

Am I the only one with this affliction? If not, tell me which song has had such an effect on you recently. I am always looking for a new obsession.

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