Wednesday, June 28, 2006

a new ship to be built, new work to be done

you're gonna make me lonesome when you go

The absurdity of the cruise I am soon to board (okay, not necessarily soon, but Friday seems soon when you haven't packed and have a flight in the morning) was discussed at Roopali's farewell dinner last night. Apparently, I had no clue how common the cruise phenomenon is, since I was able to get opinions from several bloggers about various aspects of the cruise. My main concern, because everything else can be appreciated for its sheer absurdity, is the motion sickness part. I get motion sick if I sit in the back seat of a car for longer than ten minutes, so I have some reason to be a little paranoid. Consultation yielded the following:

    oodles: I used those wristbands. I'm not sure if they worked, but I didn't get motion sick.
    ads: I got sick the second and the third day.
    Roopali: Those boats are so big you don't feel it.
    SJM: I don't know, we were all too drunk to notice one way or the other.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm going with SJM's option.

Work was a bit demanding today. It appears that, by the end of July, I may be switching positions. I think this switch is actually a good test. It's a step down, less pay, less clout, but a step towards science and the things that keep me sane. And The Goal is an amplified version of this switch. If I falter now, and rethink the idea of getting out of the job about nothing, then I may well be a sell out who you all should beat mercilessly for wasting your time whinging about something I had no intention of remedying.

The broseph and I have pulled a Freaky Friday on each other in preparation for this vacation. Responsible older sister has transformed to flaky San Francisco sister. Distracted younger brother has taken the form of planner extraordinnaire. For this family cruise, my involvement has been so minimal that I don't even know where exactly the cruise is heading after we leave Florida. For a long while, it was my thinking that the ship would simply sail about in the ocean for a couple of days. All I have done is shell out cash as directed by the broseph. I can see why my brother inhabited this side of the seesaw for so long: my expectations now mirror my efforts, and are therefore so low that they are sure to be exceeded.

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