Thursday, June 22, 2006

signed sincerely me

Dear BART,

You're making it hard, b*tches. Look, I want to Spare the Air, I really do. Plus, you know, I have my Guju tendencies to consider, so when you tell me, free rides all day!, I think okay, this is worth the little extra hassle. Oh, except, it was not a little, it was a lot.

Here was my morning today:
    Leave home: 7:40
    Get to BART station: 7:52
    F*cking impossibly ridiculous wait for SFO/Millbrae train: 8:25
    Chug along to my BART stop: 8:45
    Board my shuttle to work: 8:47
    Get to work: 9:03

Now here was my morning yesterday:
    Leave home: 7:45
    Get to work (and this was with an accident on the 101): 8:02

Yes, b*tches. You more than tripled my commute. It is almost like you don't really want me to conserve energy. I want to be good to the environment. I drive a pretty fuel efficient car. My travel in the car is fairly limited to just getting to and from work, with the occasional drive to the grocery store if I have too much to carry to walk. And I want to do more. I really would like to take public transit. But I am not losing three hours of my day getting back and forth from work when I have an alternative that takes a total of 35-40 minutes total for the day. You're killing me, BART.


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