Friday, June 16, 2006

a scientific means to bliss

Sometimes I wonder why I do not go back and delete some of my more crappy posts. In fact, I am tempted to delete the last two posts I wrote, because they were incredibly disjointed, contradictory, and high on the maniacal rant quotient. I resist the temptation, because I feel like I have to put it out there. If I pressed the Publish Post button, I have to live with the consequences. And maybe I will look back on it and think, huh, even though that was poorly written and borderline insane, there was that one sentence that had a point in it. Maybe I should expand on that. Or I will look back on it whenever I get delusions of adequacy, and it will keep me humble.

Anyway, today is probably the best day of the week I have had so far, maybe even of the past month. The weather is one contributing factor- I cannot remember the last time it was so lovely where I work, a part of the Bay area that always seems beset with strong winds when everyone else is enjoying calm days. Today, I walked outside and it was nothing but sunlight.

But the main reason this is turning out to be a good day is that my nerd-ridden ways paid off. Based on previous nerd-like tendencies and a few nerdy things I brought up at a meeting today, I was approached by another department about a change of employment. It might come with a bit of a pay cut, but it will get me out of management and knee deep in full-on nerdtastic day-to-day activities. For example, part of my work could then include reading journal articles, whereas now that is something I do on the sly to keep myself sane.

While I am really flattered that I got an unsolicited recruitment like this, I am not 100% decided one way or the other. No job is perfect, and what's more, I need to make sure this work will not get in the way of The Goal. And the job would be an about face from my current position. However, given my constant whinging about my work, I think you can join me in supposing that an about face might be just what I need.

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