Thursday, February 08, 2007

time was all we had until the day we said goodbye

Y'all. It is all on now. This morning, I got promoted. When I was informed of (not offered) my new title, I had to make the game-time decision I had been dreading. And I made the choice I could live with, the choice I had to make (very much to SJM's disapproval, no doubt). I took a deep breath, and dove into explaining the situation about The Goal to the big cheese. And you know what? She took it really well, I am still getting promoted, and things could not have worked out better if I had imagined the optimal scenario.

Funny though. As real as it has all been slowly becoming, as much as the reality is materialized, it became more final, more vivid, more concrete the moment the big cheese was told about it. I thought I was going to shock her, but I was the one that walked out feeling a little overwhelmed and shocked.

I was nervous and crazy about it this morning, my stomach was turned in knots. Afterwards, a sudden rush of parasympathetic something or the other made me suddenly, voraciously hungry. And now I just feel tentative. Like, now what? How do I work? What do I write here?

Well, maybe I'll just share why it's rather absurd that I even got promoted. I walked into the staff meeting where the news was to be announced this afternoon, and this is what happened:
    Assistant: We were just talking about how Anna Nicole Smith might be dead.
    me: (eye roll) She just looks dead.
    Big Cheese: (mortified) Don't say that, you're going to feel really badly, because she really is dead.

A few moments later at the meeting, when news of the death of the very important and work-related Anna Nicole Smith had been confirmed due to someone's internet connection and websurfing abilities:
    Coworker: See, this is why I would never want to be famous.
    me: See, this is why I would never want to be addicted to drugs and insane.

I'm blaming maisnon for this behavior. First, because it's fun to pass the buck. Second, because she was quoting Richard Marx lyrics this morning (see title of post for more evidence of her influence).

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