Tuesday, April 17, 2007

choice is yours, don't be late

Since I only have (gulp!) three days left before I quit, I've been finding a lot of foolios wandering into my office, asking me questions, soliciting advice. I really don't feel opinionated at the moment though, as I am so focused on getting out of here. And that's probably exactly why they have decided to descend upon me. When I really would have given them a ticket on the Straight Talk Express, they wouldn't have been inclined to ask. I'm learning to let go of all of that though. When there's so little time left, and so much ahead to do, it's fairly easy to put an end to impassioned frustrations and whining.

There's this period of time that I spend hemming and hawing about things. I don't know why it always has to be this way, but inevitably, I delay decisions, considering all the options, trying to figure out the best one. And then, one day, I just get tired of it, and fist pounding on the table, I go on a decision-spree. The strange thing is that I don't really take into consideration the lists I've made, and in the end, wind up just going with my gut. But perhaps that's how it becomes my gut- perhaps I spend all that time ingesting all that information so that when I make the decision, it feels like instinct but is really just processed data. Or perhaps I am giving myself far too much credit.

So, because I am in too active a mode right now to write anything of substance, here are decisions I have managed to make in the past 24 hours:
  • I'm going to go ahead and get ripped off by the movers. I kvelled and kvetched, thought about shopping around more, considered throwing everything into storage. But in the end, extortion it is.

  • The Madrid leg of my trip to Spain will be solo, but it has been changed such that I will be landing in Germany first in order to spend some precious, precious time with W. There is a backstory to all of this, but it can be distilled down to the clock approaching 7:15.

  • I'm hanging out with my folks the week before I leave for Spain. I toyed with some other scenarios, but I think three factors tipped my gut. First, I'm going to be a hot mess, given all that I'll need to do to get out of California without having a meltdown. Second, my madre has a doctorate in guilt-tripping. And when she discovers how long I plan to stay in Spain, she is going to unleash a full dissertation on my a$$. Finally, my grandparents are going to be in EBF as well that week. So, I am going to put off East Coast carousing until June.

  • I'm flying back to EBF next Saturday. On a red-eye. From Oaktown. Hey, y'all, I didn't say any of these were wise decisions.

  • It's time for a chop. I'm getting a haircut on Saturday. Pray I am spared the mullet.

  • I'm buying a MacBook. But not until I return from Spain.

And now it's time for me to go home and continue under the illusion that I am not moving in a little over a week. Time for me to go home and bake something for two little tykes who are coming to visit the office tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about people bringing in their tykes, especially for the purpose of meeting me. So, my solution is to hop them up on sugar- I'm sure their parents will think twice before unleashing them in the workplace again after that.

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