Thursday, April 05, 2007

everything, all the time

So, wow- I'm done with my meltdown! I think I have kind of recognized that mediocrity is about the best I can aspire to in terms of all that needs to be done between now and then- when is then, you ask? How soon is now? I shrug, I don't know- I'll let you know then.

It's been helpful to start to shrug just about everything off, actually- get that dirt off your shoulder. And to fashion temporary solutions to more permanent problems.

Oh, and I won $5 today, betting my coworker that I wouldn't utter one word at a senior management meeting. You can tell I am really taking my job seriously in these final days. Drag my name all over the place, I don't care anymore.

Thanks to B, I amused myself with this quiz, and only got one wrong, because I rocked it like a hurricane, although that actually wound up disturbing me a little.

And AL's confirmed a ticket to Barcelona, so only half my trip will be solitude standing.

Also- listening to absurdly cheerful music. A big plus. But that's a story for Monday, even though I don't like Mondays, especially these days, since they arrive too fast and fail to last.

And as if that weren't enough, tonight there will be an impromptu blogger's convention, because- why not? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go pick up an Angel of Harlem. Or maybe just of New York, but whatever, y'all know what I'm saying.

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