Friday, April 20, 2007

this is the last day of our acquaintance

I want to write something eloquent and measured and mindful about the topic, but really, all that comes out is: HOLY SH*T, FTLOG, I FINALLY QUIT MY JOB! All that remains is to pack up my desk and say my farewells.

But it's funny. On the blog, I've probably talked about work like I am a cross between Dilbert and a long-suffering Office Space character. And certainly, there have been days that it would have been the right impression to give. I've seen a lot of absurdity, poor management, and had to sit through a lot of business-speak psychobabble.

Yet, on the other hand, there are some cool, sharp people here, and when you've done good work at a place and you're recognized for it and you leave without true malice, it's a strange, bittersweet feeling that envelopes you all of a sudden.

But on the other hand: HOLY SH*T, FTLOG, I FINALLY QUIT MY JOB!

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