Sunday, June 17, 2007

but we know it to be quite contrary

A few (or realistically maybe one, at most) of you may have noted that I neglected to post a song last week. Sorry about that- I think staying with my parents and having my teeniac cousin singing along constantly to Akon and Avril Lavigne prevented me from really thinking about music.

Honestly, I’m not thinking about music right now either. I still posted a song, but it has more to do with my mood than some deep meaning this song holds for me. Not that it matters, since I never imposed rules on this frivolous song-posting.

I did set one rule for myself though, and that is what I am thinking about now. I have said to more than one person, and quite repeatedly to myself, that the day blogging is accompanied with trouble, that’s the day I call it a day. I am not sorry for what I have revealed to date- I think it was a natural progression of the blog. And maybe it’s just the natural progression of blogs that they start out in one way, that they build, and then they reach their inevitable conclusion. I don’t know.

But it has suddenly become clear that blogging has started teetering on trouble. So, I am taking a week away to think it over, to determine what I ought to do, and to think of how I can possibly move forward without trouble/drama ensuing.

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