Sunday, May 25, 2008

I was running blind

Today, I was reminded that I had a little sour cream left in the refrigerator. I had made a chocolate chip pound cake for a friend’s birthday, and had not used all the sour cream in the small container I bought. I decided to make cookies, lemon ones, with icing. Sour cream keeps a cookie moist, and gives it an almost cake-like consistency. Which was pleasant, if you like something like a lemon drop.

But this had started an itch. So then I made a batch of brownies. They are supposed to be topped with a peanut butter mixture that has to set in the refrigerator. But that is when I noticed that my refrigerator had a garlic odor pervading through it. At the farmer’s market last weekend, a stand was selling a massive amount of peeled cloves of garlic for $1.99, and the Guju in me could not resist.

RR gave me an excellent suggestion for what to do with this massive quantity of garlic. To get such a deal on that much garlic and then have it go to waste would have been unforgivable. Instead, I threw all of it in a pan, added some olive oil and sea salt, and then put in some broth (I used chicken broth because I didn’t have any vegetable broth on me, but I bet either works just as well). Baking that for an hour temporarily turned my apartment into an Italian bistro. Roasting garlic wafting through the air made me heady, though I had to hide the brownies in another corner of the apartment, wrapped in foil to make sure they did not get contaminated with garlic. When the baking part was over, I mashed it all up with a fork, and dipped a cracker in it to taste- it made me happy, though it should be noted that I find it’s hard for garlic to do wrong by me. I’m hoping it will keep well too, since even I cannot consume that much garlic in one sitting.

I’ve been soaking black-eyed peas since then. And I chopped up a pile of baby spinach, threw it on some naan, added some tomato sauce and cheese, threw that in the oven, and called it dinner.

Now, in addition to the black-eyed peas that will serve as part of my meals for the week, I’m contemplating foccacia. And making caramel ice cream. I think this might be a sign of madness or a sign of trying to work out my demons by way of a completely unrelated activity.

This might also mean I ought to go for a hike tomorrow or my refrigerator might end up exploding.

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