Friday, May 30, 2008

loose ends tying a noose

So. Well, this, I suppose, is what happens when you are wholly dependent on other people's schedules and plans, your own being rather pliant. In short, I crammed almost a week's worth of activity into one day yesterday. It was, needless to say, overkill. It didn't help that the night before, I had not slept well at all. I should have slept really well, because I had this completely bizarre dream about being married to an impossibly handsome man, who kept following me around even though an impossibly beautiful woman kept popping up and inviting herself along, at one point even while I was examining a dissected cadaver (hey, don't ask me, it's not meant to be logical). But instead of feeling all dreamy (much as I did when Sawyer walked out of the ocean all shirtless last night on Lost), I felt downright exhausted.

The end result being that I was so knackered that I fell asleep while watching the season finale of Lost. The season mothereffing finale of Lost! I now feel downright sheepish about how much I teased a good friend of mine who nodded off in the movie theater when Speed came out. Luckily, unlike her Speed-somnia, I could easily watch the season finale online today. Thank you, internets, you did it again, feeding my ability to waste time, time and again.

At this point, it is fair to say that I have no idea what in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is going on in Lost. Over the holidays last year, I finally fell victim to the BSG craze, and started to watch that, but I'm finding myself underwhelmed with the new episodes- everything is so cryptic and nonsensical that I find myself shrugging and just watching to see if the pieces ever fall into place. That is what had happened to me with Lost, and to some extent not much has changed with the finale. I can only recall:
  • Does Walt have some kind of accelerated aging disorder? I fear the next time we see him, he will be walking with a cane.
  • Sawyer's nicknames for everyone sort of became a tiresome schtick the last few seasons. However, nicknaming Frank Lapidus as Kenny Rogers was sort of brilliant.
  • Speaking of Sawyer, I do not understand how Juliet could look so morose at the sight of him emerging from the water. She should have looked at her bottle of Dharma initiative rum and said, "This stuff is amazing! I'm becoming an alcoholic!"
  • Naveen Andrews should play conflicted bad guys for a living.
  • I don't like it when Lost clutters the already confusing plots and storylines with new characters, but I liked Miles telling Daniel he was sufficiently dire.
  • Even though there is little to no chance that he is alive, I just cannot bring myself to believe that Jin is dead. Poor Daniel Dae Kim finally gets to speak his native tongue, and they go and kill his character off?!?

Anyway. I made the second batch of caramel ice cream today. It tastes okay, but not enough like caramel to suit me. I'll take pictures side by side tomorrow so you can compare. The other batch is definitely too burnt, but there must be some middle ground that I shall have to seek out.

It's funny- to me there is very little difference between what I have done in the kitchen and what I have done in the lab this past week. What is required is not very different- good calculations, a steady hand, a sense of when things are going right or wrong, and managing time effectively. You babysit a reaction, you babysit a pot of melting sugar- makes no real difference, except you can only do one in the comfort of your own kitchen, I guess.

But I am a bit tired today. So tired, in fact, that I just sat down to type this and had to think about when I last ate. I know this would seem normal to anyone else, but I eat so frequently, and eating is such a joy to me that I am a little shocked that I am uncertain as to whether or not I have had a meal since returning home, and if not, when the last time was I ate. Maybe I should keep busy more often. Then again, I probably ate a meal, forgot, and will now eat another one just to be safe.

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