Friday, June 06, 2008

I know it don't thrill you, I hope it don't kill you

Warning: crappy photography to follow.

I almost fell asleep today while I was in the middle of a mundane task. That was not a good sign, although maybe it was. What I am doing at the moment has little to do with what I want to be doing in the long run. And I always find it hilarious when people fall asleep in our classes. First of all, there is no reason to be sleep-deprived on a normal day in medical school. Secondly, everything we are learning ought to be interesting to you if you are interested in medicine. Thirdly, if it isn't, hardly any of the classes are mandatory, and therefore, there is no reason to go to class if you are going to chat online with others or nod off during lecture.

And yet today I almost fell asleep in the middle of watching a technique someone else was doing. I can laugh at myself about it, but I think it's also a clear indication that my life has moved past the era of loading columns, magnetic stir bars, and argon balloons. If I'm going to be mixing things together these days, if I'm going to be experimenting, it's only going to be happening in the kitchen.

Remember I told you that I wasted 2 cups of flour the other day? Yeah, I wouldn't remember that either, it's fairly dull. But anyway, I was angry. I was trying to make lemon snaps, and the first batch came out horrible. It felt like biting into a rock. I thought I was going to break a tooth. On top of that, hardly any lemon flavor, and overall, just plain bland. It made me fume, mostly because, normally, if I am trying a new recipe, I have the good sense to not waste 2 cups of flour on it. So there I was, two batches of crappy cookies staring me in the face, and a ridiculous amount of raw dough taunting me. Throw it away? Would that be the Guju thing to do?

That's when I decided to just throw caution to the wind. I slapped the whole sucker into a pan and topped it with fig jam. Because, in my experience, figs make everything better. Try it, it's kind of true. Now, in this case, figs can only do so much. But they did keep me from throwing everything away:

Now these are still nothing I would give to another human being, but they serve as good snacks for just me, myself and I. The fig jam gives the whole thing enough of a kick that it doesn't feel like you're eating a sugar-free biscuit, and at this thickness, the cookie part is much softer and less like a brick.

That's nothing to get too worked up about though. So then I had to go back to basics:

Half of these cookies are for me, myself and I also. That would be the half with the chocolate chips in them. Alright, fine, I might share them, especially if I make ice cream this weekend, as I think they would serve quite well as part of an ice cream sandwich extravaganza. In the meanwhile, the plain oatmeal cookies got embellished:

Those might be headed to a dinner party tomorrow night. I'm not a huge fan of oatmeal cookie pies, but I know a few people who like them.

Oh and then to prove to you that I am really losing my mind, here's what I had for lunch yesterday:

I swear to you, six months ago, had I looked at this picture, I might have thrown up in my mouth a little bit (well, except for the wilted spinach, I am like Popeye when it comes to that stuff). And yet I ate it, voluntarily, for lunch. I think I might be pregnant. Just kidding. I hope.

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