Monday, June 09, 2008

let me stand next to your

Things I learned from my apartment being over 90 degrees at 8:30 in the evening:
  • A run outside can serve as a way to cool down in this situation, unbelievably enough.
  • My neighbors are super wasteful. While I was running, I noticed that every other house not only had the sprinkler on, but had the sprinkler on in such a way that a solid 50% of the water was heading out into the pavement or sidewalk or anywhere not resembling life whatsoever.
  • People like cats in my neighborhood, sort of. While running on one block, I encountered no less than 8 cats wandering around on the sidewalks. These cats were also not of the skittish variety; they sat on the sidewalk glaring at me. Sure, you think this is a sign that I live in catlover's paradise. Except, if you really loved your cat, would you let it wander around outside after dark?
  • I am out of shape.
  • And I hate running.
  • And yet I kind of like it at the same time.

In other news, I am making frosting. I'm doing things a bit out of sequence, but there's logic here. I am trying to assemble a rather involved cake, if you will, and therefore, I am trying to knock the easy parts of the recipe out first. Plus, since I, again, came home to an apartment that was sweltering over 95 degrees this evening, I don't have to wait very long for butter and cream cheese to soften. Living in an oven has its perks. I pulled out a frozen bagel a second ago, and it's pretty much defrosted already.

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