Wednesday, June 25, 2008

these words in shadow play

Yesterday I was annoyed for a variety of reasons, but this morning some maniacal birds woke me up. And for some reason, it did not make me grumpier. For some reason, it humbled me a little.

Beginnings when they are not really beginnings are a little tricky. The beginning of a chapter vs. the beginning of a book, if you will. You know you have to keep going, and it is a beginning of sorts, but it lacks that excitement and energy that the first word held. But if I kept starting anew, and chased every shiny trinket, I suppose I would forever be wandering about in a circle. Although sometimes that feels inevitable too.

As most already know, George Carlin passed away this week. If there is one thing Carlin made clear in all of his performances, it is that he would not want people becoming maudlin on his behalf. So instead, I'll just say that it seemed to me that Carlin's humor was of the best kind. While you were laughing hysterically at his very funny insights, his comedy was of the type that also hit you somewhere in the gut. You found yourself laughing, but at the same time you got the feeling you could have an entire, very serious discussion about the topics he discussed.

I find that extremely valuable at times like these, when often I find the need to laugh about things that are actually not very funny, when you really think about it.

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