Monday, August 25, 2008

something so easy in how you're sweet to me

There are a few things I ought to be doing right now, which include:
  • studying
  • going to the market
  • keeping my crazy friend from becoming too estranged from me
  • studying

Instead, I am blogging. Just as, instead of being productive this morning and studying, I made these:

simple minds do simple things

I made a batch of these a few days ago, when I just needed a break and wanted to fool around a bit in the kitchen. In retrospect, it was a bit comical that I thought this would be the best thing to do with free time. I've just recently learned not to swear incessantly while rolling out dough. As you can see from the picture, I still didn't really master it, as the dough was a bit uneven, such that some of the edges got burnt.

Turns out it doesn't matter though. If anyone is interested, I'll post how I did this (and basically, how I did this involved a bit of web surfing at some trusted baking sites). All you really need to know is that, with a decent pie crust and some good, organic strawberry preserves, you too can make a faux Pop Tart. Even though it's certainly more effort than unwrapping a thin foil wrapper and sticking perfectly rectangular pastries into a toaster, I think it's worth the effort.

My vegan friends would disagree, I'm sure. The pie dough I used is all butter, after all. I remember a friend of mine going vegan over a decade ago, back when people were still trying to figure out if you could still eat fish and be called a vegetarian. I thought she'd gone vegan for health reasons, until she informed me that she'd taken to eating Pop Tarts every morning, because they were so filled with artificial flavors, preservatives and components, that you didn't have to worry about any part of them coming from some protected part of nature. Not that I have anything against vegans or Pop Tarts, but something about realizing that Pop Tarts are vegan cracked me up.

Anyway. I gave the foolish little tarts to a classmate, because it was his birthday, and it was just too early in the morning to be giving him a batch of cupcakes. He was happy with them. Really, there's not much to dislike about them- even the burnt edges don't really taste that bad. Perhaps in the future I will try to make versions that have frosting or something. For now, this has to be enough, especially since the summer is not yet over here, which means baking time remains limited.

Now I'm off to the market, which is slightly more responsible than blogging, but certainly less so than studying. But before I go, I must note that Nadal has quipped that he has to pull down his shorts so frequently when he plays because he has a bigger backside than most guys. And since I just thought I'd quickly take in a bit of early round play, I must say that I think he's right. Also, I love the Spaniard, despite the fact that some Spaniard sportsters have been giving Spaniards quite a bad name of late- but all the same, Fed, pull yourself together, man. I fully expect you to at least give Andy Roddick a proper trouncing. Despite what Roddick may say, this is your homecourt.

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