Monday, August 11, 2008

turned you into someone new

Okay, first, some trivial matters:

I guess I am the only one, but sword of Zeus, I cannot get excited about the Olympics. I'm not really making an effort, but in addition, I might be actively avoiding it- I hate all the nationalistic Go America/Go India/Go Whatever Country, though I'm not really sure why, given that I cheered on Spain in the Eurocup without the slightest hesitation. Maybe once they start playing tennis, I will change my tune.

Still trivial, but a subject that will really test whether I have any readers left. People, I need your help. It all started yesterday, when I heard this new Keane song, Spiralling. Here was my stepwise reaction:

  • WTFFFF?!?
  • Was this recorded recently?!?
  • Okay, calm down. Why so crazy? Keane pretty much always bite other bands' styles (cough*ColplayU2*cough), so it's not so radical for them to sound like the 80s. Just got tired of stealing from their contemporaries, maybe.
  • There's something about this that reminds me of Naked Eyes' Promises Promises.
  • Oh lord, spoken word interludes... always hilarious, and even moreso when said interlude is as dumb as this.
  • Ooooh, RR called it, this is totally ripping off Human League's Fascination.
  • Okay, now I feel gross because I am actually amused by this.

I know, it's a mess in my head. I even edited out all the thoughts about chocolate (yesterday, I told a friend I wasn't going to a party because, I quote verbatim here, "I have peppermint patties in the refrigerator and they aren't going to eat themselves!"). But that's not why I need your help. What I need is this: songs released in the past few years that sound like they were ripped from the 80s, or at least seem to be paying homage to the 80s. Help! I will clearly do anything to get a comment up in here.

Crap, I ran out of steam. I had some less trivial things brewing in my head, but I think maybe they deserve a separate, somewhat coherent post.

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