Sunday, August 31, 2008

there ain't gonna be any middle anymore

This session of Cram-athon 2008 is interrupted to bring you a few special news flashes. It's nice to see Federer playing like he means it, nicer still to see each of his opponents pushing him a little, hungry with the idea that they might just have a chance to take him down this year. It's equally nice to see Nadal playing strong- it would be really nice to see those two play in the finals again, assuming I am not drowning in a study vortex when the finals approach.

I am worried about Maitri and everyone else in New Orleans, who have been through enough without Gustav and db newscasters/pols/bloggers remarking on the irony of it all. It's not ironic. It's frightening and disturbing, and I just hope they get through it without serious damage to themselves, their spirits and their dwellings.

Also, everything I said in my last post, I am seriously tempted to take back. Everything I thought was positive and hopeful about the Obama campaign has been soured of late with the reaction some of his more 'fervent' supporters have had to McCain picking Palin as his VP running mate. Is it pandering? Sure, maybe. Is it insulting to try to woo HRC supporters by picking a woman who has completely opposing viewpoints to HRC on a lot of the issues? Perhaps a little.

But sweet sassy molassy, can people please stop the all-out assault on her? You can't have it both ways- you can't complain about how evil Rove's ways are, how dirty one side fights, and then make incessant remarks about a candidate of the ilk that have been floating around the internets the last few days.

Do I like Sarah Palin? Not one bit. I don't agree with her views, I don't think she's a particularly strong or able candidate. Does she make Obama any less of an attractive candidate to me? No. But, the thing is, who cares? I'm not who McCain is targeting. All those fervent Obama supporters that are currently sending me emails about Palin wearing fur and being an ex-beauty queen- those, too, are not the people McCain is targeting.

And let me tell you, it doesn't do the cause a whole lot of good to continually take a dump on Palin as a choice. I'm not even for McCain, and I find the bashing on her a little distasteful. Imagine what it would do for an actual supporter of McCain. Anyway, I wish people would just show a tiny bit of class. If you're really for change, you could start by not engaging in this sort of constant negativity.

Now back to my regularly scheduled program of hitting my head against the brick wall of degenerative diseases of the central nervous system.

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