Monday, February 13, 2012

and when I think that I'm alone

Yesterday, the other intern and I were waiting at the grill to get our sandwiches. The guy behind the counter turned around to grab some bread, and somehow revealed a front and center view of premium butt crack. The other intern happened to look over at me and I could see that he had just noticed the same thing I had, and we both burst into hysterics.

It's so dumb, and I can't even tell you why we thought it was so funny. When the med student and the senior resident demanded to know what we were in cahoots about, I mumbled that I'd developed ICU delirium. Maybe I had. It wasn't that funny, but we were in stitches, and I think it was just about release. Things are starting to calm down in intern year, but we still work some pretty hard hours, and in the ICU we see a lot of sad things. So maybe, as a result, we have to laugh at stupid things like someone revealing a bit of their backside.

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