Wednesday, February 15, 2012

this is how you remind me of what I really am

This isn't a knock on my ex-bf necessarily (but it kind of is, sorry). A while back, my friend RR told me that you shouldn't get too wrapped up in having the same interests as someone you're interested in dating, that hobbies and pedigrees and professions are not what you should be seeking in common with your significant other. And I still think he's right.

But I do think an exception should be made about certain music choices.

And now that a lot of time has passed and I'm very nearly back to full strength, I can say, slightly tongue-in-cheek, but also meaning every last word of it- I probably should have known things were not going to work out with my ex-bf when he revealed that he really liked Nickelback. That one is going to go in my Parks & Recreations Knope playbook, in which I am going to cheer up some heartbroken friend of mine with: "once I dated a guy who liked Nickelback."

Speaking of Nickelback (Haha! It's hilarious to even speak of Nickelback in my opinion. Okay, but seriously, no offense to Nickelback fans, except, really? You're a Nickelback fan? Isn't fan too passionate a word for a band like Nickelback?), I have to confess that the Lost and Walking Dead recaps on Videogum are one of my favorite time-killers ever. I like them especially because I guiltily watch these horrible shows even though they often drive me bonkers, and the recaps reflect this dichotomy perfectly. And I have to admit that the first time my ex-bf asked me if I liked Nickelback (hahahahaaha, that somehow doesn't get any less funny regardless of how many times I mention it), I immediately thought of those Videogum recaps, because characters are frequently telestrated with "Nickelback lyrics" thought bubbles (for the quintessential example, see here.)

Just a lesson that some misgivings are probably worth heeding. Maybe. Just kidding. Sort of (but not really).

*titling this post almost caused me to drop to the floor

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