Saturday, March 10, 2012

I've got chills, they're multiplying

I couldn't help myself with the title of the post. It's really the only reason I decided to write today. It's pretty impossible to talk about food poisoning in any kind of entertaining way.

When I was in Peru, SP, AL and I all got a nice, nasty episode of food poisoning right before trekking the Inca Trail. SP was the first to recover, and went out in search of Gatorade powder to keep us from dying during our hike the next day. I had been lying on the bed in misery. But I had also not eaten in over 24 hrs. And there was a roll of delicious Peruvian cookies sitting on the night table.

SP came back to the room to find me guiltily eating the cookies. I paid for it shortly thereafter; I was definitely not ready to be ingesting sugar. She shook her head and asked me what was wrong with me. I have no willpower I guess.

I eyed some cookies this evening, and laughed, thinking of what SP would say. I didn't eat them. My stomach's not quite ready for that, and the muscle aches and chills are settling in, so I am going back to bed, after I force down a little ginger ale. Not the best way to spend my one day off, but at least I wasn't at work when all of this happened- that would have been mortifying.

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